Supported Employment Year End Update

We believe one of the most empowering aspects of ICAN is creating employment training through our Marketplace initiative and training and placing clients in competitive integrated employment in their community. In 2018, we expanded our programs beyond the South Bay by having a dedicated team working to empower clients to discover and achieve in Long Beach and the surrounding cities. This was a significant advancement for us as an organization and in 2019 our goal is to locate and build out a full-scale life-skills training center in Long Beach or Signal Hill. We are actively searching for the perfect location central to commerce and safe for our clients and staff to enjoy a wonderful space. 

We have several departments at ICAN and each of them has an amazing team of people who dedicate their lives to empowering our clients. The Employment team has grown and we now have 50+ ICAN employees in this department dedicated to providing pre-employment and post-employment support. We have continued to leverage our strength and expertise to remain one of the top SEP agencies in the state of California. We recently received a program review from two different sate agencies and received the highest accreditations they give and the longest contract term they offer to agencies in the state. In addition, our surveyors stated they have not seen any other agency produce at the rate and speed of ICAN. It was a very proud moment in our organization to have State Representatives give us such high praise. We have an amazing team who dedicate their lives to the clients they serve. We have some exciting developments for 2019 that we are actively working on and cannot wait to share them with our community and supporters. 

Thank You for supporting us as we strive to serve!