Love is brewing in the ICAN Marketplace


Etsy Lab

2018 is off to a great start for our Marketplace department, which is in full-swing. Since opening our Etsy Lab in 2016, we have tripled in size and have been expanding our products and creativity! Each wreath is methodically thought up and processed. From gathering ideas to buying supplies, choosing a name to constructing, then taking product photos and, finally, uploading on our Etsy site. Our artists have been coming up with different concepts for several new wreaths that we will be showcasing throughout the year. With the end of January quickly approaching, our Etsy Lab has been primarily dedicated to Valentine’s Day. Our artists have finalized the new Love Wreath, and it is now available online! 


Wire working

What started off as a simple club at the ICAN Day Program in order to practice and learn skills like task completion, group interaction, individual choice, and creativity, ICAN jewelry has turned into the newest addition to our Etsy business. Our jewelry is now selling online and the feedback that we have received thus far has been nothing short of amazing. Our Artists are enjoying this process and are very excited for what the future holds for ICAN jewelry.

We asked Daisy (one of the Day Program clients) why she enjoys Wire Working club. Her response “It gives you a chance to unwind, all while getting to be creative and putting a little bit of yourself in every piece of jewelry.