Miz. and Mrs. - ICAN Photo Booth

On February 14th, Jen helped run the ICAN Photo Booth for her first time. Jen was accompanied by Lindsey Stone, who picked her up shortly after Day Program ended. They ate dinner together in downtown LA on their way to the event. After dinner, they were off to Hollywood for the event, where they were to run the photo booth at the Miz. and Mrs.’s baby shower.

Mike the Miz. and his wife Maryse (Mrs.), who are both WWE wrestlers, were having a baby shower for their first child, an event that will be shown and celebrated on their new documentary TV Show Miz. and Mrs., which will be airing on the USA Network later this year. During the documentary series, Jen and Lindsey will appear on live TV as they work the photo booth, alongside many other celebrities who attended the event.

For it being her first time, Jen ran the photo booth like a pro. She did such an amazing job interacting with the customers, telling them when to smile and when to strike a silly pose. One of the many celebrities Jen had the privilege of working with was Avril Lavigne. After discovering that Avril was a singer, Jen invited her to perform at an ICAN Dance Party, emphasizing that “[her] friends will love you.”

As the event came to a close, Jen helped Lindsey tear down the equipment and load it back into the car. After such a hard day at work on the photo booth, Jen caught some well-deserved zzz on the ride home. But that didn’t stop her from exclaiming, the very second she stepped back inside her home, “Mom I got paid!"

The Photo Booth is our latest marketplace initiative that we launched in February. Since then we have already worked 6 events! These initiatives are completely funded through our generous donors. Not only does this give our clients an opportunity to find employment and make a live-able wage, it helps spread the ICAN vision to the public. Next week ICAN Photo Booth will be working at the Born This Way Wedding, which will be filmed and air later this year.

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