Client Profile - Alex

In this month’s newsletter, the Supported Employment Program would like to spotlight our client Alex, who has been working at I Love Kickboxing in Redondo Beach since February 15th, 2016. Alex is  all-smiles while he works, washing the kickboxing equipment, spray-cleaning the massive mat, mopping the floor, and sanitizing the bathrooms and showers. He genuinely enjoys being at work as well as socializing with his fellow coworkers and the customers.

When Alex is not at work Monday-Friday afternoons, he likes to stay in shape and spend time with his family. His hobbies also include playing soccer and watching his favorite team Chivas, Guadalajara. 

Alex was one of ICAN’s earliest job placements, and he still excels at his work, often receiving praise from his manager. This is his first job, and when asked what he likes most about it, he got a big grin and excitedly proclaimed, “getting paid!” So if you’re looking for a fun, intensive workout and want to bless an ICAN client in the process, why not pay Alex a visit at I Love Kickboxing off 190thin Redondo Beach?