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Client Profile - Giancarlo

In this month’s newsletter, the Supported Employment Program would like to spotlight our client Giancarlo, who has been working at Continental Gourmet in Gardena since March 6th, 2017. Giancarlo came to ICAN with a passion for working with food, and as a result, we helped him get a job in a local market that is famous for its empanadas, meats, imported Central and South American foods, and homemade salsas.

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Together WE can!

I want you to take a minute and think about all the friends that you grew up with. Over the years, you have seen people’s lives change and their careers develop. Success is relative for each of us, but some of the people we know get to a place where we think, “they’ve made it!” Whether they go high up the corporate ladder or make a name for themselves in the performing arts, there are always those people that stand out and reached a major life-goal that puts them among the top 10-15% most successful people we know.


Not everyone we know achieves this success or has things work out the way they had planned. But what if we could change that?

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