Service Coordinators

We are a Community Inclusive Adult Day Program 

Monday - Friday  9am - 2:30pm  

Our program maintains a balance of on-site programming and off-site community integration. Clients can attend full-time or part-time and we have a 1:3 staff-to-client ratio. We support clients that have shown the necessary skills to work independently in a Competitive Integrated setting. We are currently vendored with Harbor Regional Center, Westside Regional Center, as well as the Department of Rehabilitation. 


Clients desiring to apply should note the following requirements. We are able to serve clients with varied types of disabilities and multiple diagnoses. Clients must have the ability to obey and follow directions, communicate their wants and needs, have bowel and bladder control, no violent tendencies, and a desire to develop life and work skills. We accept both ambulatory and non-ambulatory clients.


Contact us by email or calling 310-374-8295