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Day events

Social Program exists to foster authentic friendships in environments that are fun, safe, and leave a lasting impression.

Out & About

ICAN offers a variety of events each month throughout the week and weekend. Once clients have completed the intake process they are welcome to sign up for events through our website. This program is funded through an hourly rate with the Regional Center, however, self determination and private pay options are available for families. To see the current list of events click here. Some events may have an additional cost for admissions and/or food. Questions email socialprogram@ican.org.

Sample Events

  • Bowling
  • Dinners around the world
  • Medieval Times
  • Visiting Museums
  • Classes like cooking, flower arranging, baking
  • Holiday Parties
  • And more!
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Program Parameters

  • Ability to follow instructions and rules
  • Take care of all of their bathroom needs
  • No aggressive tendencies
  • Have completed the intake process

    Interested in coming to a Social Program event? Fantastic!

    Before attending your first event, we would love to meet you! Schedule a time with our Social Program Team.

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Schedule an intake interview with our Social Program Team


Determine funding through Regional Center, Self Determination Program, and/or Private Pay


Complete enrollment paperwork


Register for Events

Funding and Intake Information

ICAN Social Rec or “Day Events” is the activity per quarter. This activity is an hourly service. Clients will be authorized by Regional Center for a set amount of hours based on their needs and goals per quarter. Clients will schedule these hours with ICAN by registering for events. Clients must complete the intake process prior to registering for events.

Social Program Staff

Violet Mazza

Social Program Manager
310-374-8295 ext 108

Barbara Huhn

Social Program Coordinator

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