Our Supported Employment Program provides a job preparation class, job development and job coaching services. The goal is to empower clients to attain careers in their community.


This Program Offers

Job Prep Class

  • What does employment look like and understanding workplace expectations
  • How to apply for a job, prepare for an interview, and more
  • Four sessions over four weeks

Job Development

  • Initial interview to learn more about you: work history, interests, transportation and more
  • Weekly development meetings
  • Collaboration in searching and applying for jobs
  • Interview Prep

Paid Internship

  • This is a 3-6 month internship with a community business that includes one-to-one job coaching support with the goal of employment at the end. Through this process clients learn job tasks and work on employment goals.

Employment Support

  • One-to-One support through job coaching
  • Job support geared towards full independence in the first 6-12 months
  • We don't stop after your first placement, we are focused towards finding the right job for you. This job might be the first step in your career development.
ICAN Client working at Old Navy

Program Parameters

At ICAN our goal is to work alongside you and help you with your employment search and retention. Therefore, clients desiring to apply should note the following requirements:

  • Clients are responsible for their own transportation
  • Able to communicate their wants and needs
  • Must actively participate in the job search and application process
  • Able to operate independently in an integrated setting

All potential clients must request a referral from their regional center service coordinator prior to completing the ICAN interview and intake packet. ICAN must receive a referral before scheduling an interview or accepting a client into our program.

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Meet the Team

Christianna Lynch

SEP Manager
310-374-8295 ext 155

Noah Aniya

SEP Assistant Manager noah.aniya@ican.org
310-374-8295 ext 212

Mike Karle

Job Development Supervisor
310-374-8295 ext 114

Maegan Draka

Client Services Case Manager

Chris Huante

Employment Specialist
310-374-8295 ext 124

Monica Rin

Job Developer
310-374-8295 ext 366

Sahara Sturz

Job Developer
310-374-8295 ext 317

Jack Bradford

Job Developer
310-374-8295 ext 223

Melissa Zepeda

Job Coach Scheduler
310-374-8295 ext 210

Osamu Nishitani

Lead Case Manager
310-374-8295 ext 103

Jasmine Franco
Jasmine Franco

Case Manager
310-374-8295 ext 115

Cynthia Fontana

Case Manager
310-374-8295 ext 125

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